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Please note: For appointments please phone Sydney clinic at number below

Suite 809 Harley Place
251 Oxford St
Bondi Junction, NSW 2022

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Phone: (02) 9389 6344


The entrance is located in Hollywood Ave, next to OPSM, at the corner of Oxford St.


Please note: For appointments please phone Elyane at number below


Suite 10-11

2 QUEEN Street

Murwillumbah, NSW 2484

Phone: 0404 089 409


Clinic hours: wednesdays, by appointment 

Elyane Brightlight

Elyane Brightlight practices in Sydney in a clinic which she shares with Peter Green BSc Grad DO, Osteopath, Lecturer, Coordinator of the Osteopathic courses at the University of Western Sydney; and Machelle Boothroyd, Acupunturist and Herbalist. In Murwillumbah she practices at Murwillumbah Massage Centre on Wednesdays.

Consultations by appointment only.

In a typical first visit, Elyane will take your medical history and make a complete diet and lifestyle analysis. This will be followed by an Hemaview Analysis™ (Sydney clinic only), during which a single drop of blood is taken from the ear, and looked at through a dark field microscope. The patient also gets to see it via a monitor. This allows us to see the degree of toxicity in the system as well as determines certain nutritional deficiencies.

This is followed by decision making on treatments. Elyane believes that no matter how good a programme is, it is useless if the patient can't follow it. This is why all patient's programmes are individually designed. This can be just some herbal remedies or adjustment to diet. Or a complete diet change with herbs and supplements, all the way through complete renovation via the Cleansing Diet, herbs, supplements, acupuncture, advice on exercise, etc...

Patient may, if they choose, have Acupuncture. In fact Acupuncture is available on its own, without the gruelling diet changes, for people who need it for musculo-skeletal problems or for stress control.

Elyane treats anything from pre-conception, flu, digestive problems, stress, weight control… to serious conditions such as cancer or HIV to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Consultation is also available via email, Skype or telephone by prior arrangement. Please contact us with your problem or phone (02) 9389 6344.

NB: Elyane Brightlight is NOT a doctor of western medicine and as such is NOT covered by National Health Services and Medicare. But most private fund rebates are available for most of her services.

Consultations are NOT subject to GST but herbal remedies and supplements are (Australia only - overseas orders are exempt)

The Associates imageThe Associates

I have been very fortunate to have always been supported at the clinic by very bright and dedicated students many of whom now have practices of their own and some of whom now have babies as well (that Natural Childcare book has a lot to answer for!)

For many years I tried to groom some of those students to become the heir to the clinic, someone who would take over when I become an old codger or want to spend more time with my horses, and it has happened!

Machelle Boothroyd (Shelley to her friends) first came to me as a patient in 1995, like many practitioners she came to natural medicine seeking to solve her own health problems. Shelley was declared asthmatic as a child and she was determined to not remain one, in the process of achieving this goal, she and her husband John became very interested in alternative medicine and ten years ago Shelley decided to toss her carreer (she was in merchant banking) to study Acupuncture and Chinese Herbalism. She didn't just study at college however, she worked as my assistant acquiring a wealth of practical experience most student never get until they are let loose on the public. Last year Shelley also became a technician in Hemaview Analysis.

I am therefore proud and happy to have Shelley has my locum whenever I am not at the clinic due to her intelligence, keenness, compassion, dedication and wonderful temperament.

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